quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2014

Fruit Juice - Snoop Lion

Fruit juice
Number one you know me cant lose
In my God then with the fruit that they chose
Fruit juice in my glass you know me can't lose
Take away my worry my stress and my blues

High level natural vibes are what we give in
My princess say she love it when we write pandy rhythm
Natural berry are so very good for the system
Some tart, some sweet, you just cant resist them

Sweet sap, knees berry, cantaloupe, sour sop
Pineapple, mango my taste buds tangle
An ice cold beverage in my honey comb hideout
Chillin with my beautiful empress we a stand out



She sip the beet juice, she really love the medicine
Drink it down slow feel the good vibe settling
The weaker flavors going down
She ordered up another round
Tell me that she feel alright
Natural juice never sprite
Feel me grab the juice
She ever held the upper tide
No drink the red bull,
Because she dont believe the hype


Pick up the empress
Then we come pick up the fruit
Juice got to my sew and they got they fat man
Blues play up they some they carrot and
Root me come then and know me sat me casa
Snoop and the geek on see rock on
Make no youta yellin see my juice
Set on down the luta
Set them with the sample
And they are the roota
They my singing down the roota
Dont send me string the roota

Dont wanna no soda popp in my cup
Natural juice with the rhasta pin up


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