sábado, 2 de novembro de 2013


Whats within
No need to hold it all in

In a lifetime one sees so much...travels to so many places
Lands in more than a few catch 22s...rat races
So now its time to begin...to learn
How to compose it all....and allow
Others to discern...

What is the concern
To share in my desire

To contemplate...

Cause in reality:

I have been witness to injustice after injustice
Story after story like drop of water
The dried out pavement...after a long dry season

Of no rain...

Adios mio the pain...

The drops are coming faster now...pelting a bit harder
Watch out yall the glass is about to fall

People want to quantify big as an explosion of sin
In reality what is small is often the most potent poison of all

Drop Drop Drop...drip drip drip
Come on does anyone else want to take a sip

Understand what it is that has made the people sick

Come on drink up...

Knowledge of others lives
Can onlymake you stronger
Want to get out and really work for projects
Harder and longer

Now I say
What does one do when they cant take it
Any longer

Yell or scream?
Act like a diplomat and talk about politics over coffee with cream
Its obvious the world is unjust
We can all acknowledge that
Bu its time to move to act
This is a must

Trying to understand...what to do
When you know you you have something to share
To prove that we need to care
Searching for the words to communicate

I guess its not too late...

Drip drop drip drip drop
Another verse to the song
Lets check if we can
Finally fix whats wrong

Still the water drops keep falling...

Aquarela Ruth

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